Sri Sri in Latin America

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s 3 week visit to South and Central America resulted in wide acceptance of his teachings and techniques to deal with violence and stress. Political, business, social and religious leaders of these countries embraced the practical result-oriented approach of his teachings.

A few highlights of Sri Sri’s journey, from 29th November to
19th December, to a region known for violence, drugs, gang wars and

  • Gurudev met people from all walks of life, from heads of
    governments and senators to prisoners, businessmen and academicians,
    drug addicts and religious leaders in 7 Latin American countries.
  • In Mexico, the governor of Guerrera, Héctor Astudillo appealed to
    him to try to put an end to the war of the cartels that bloodshed his State. With an average of six killings per day, this strategic region of drug production and trafficking is the most violent in the country,
    despite the presence of the army in the streets.
  • The Governor of Guerrera conferred the Ambassador of Peace award on
    Sri Sri and requested him to return and continue with the wonderful
    work the Art of Living is doing in prisons, slums and deprived areas.
  • Had the distinguished honor to open the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal
  •  Was honored as “Distinguished Guest” by Governor of Province of Panama
  • Visited two of most dreaded prisons in Mexico where Art of Living Programs have brought down violence almost to zero.

Signed an agreement with government in Mexico to continue the work of rehabilitating children from the slums and offering Art of Living programs in schools Met with the President of Brazil Michel Temer. Also met with Minister of Education and Minister of Health

  • Awarded highest civilian award in Recife, Brazil
  • Signed an important partnership with the government of Bahia, Brazil to bring The Art of Living’s stress elimination Programs to all the police force of Bahia: 32,000 people.
  • Addressed a ‘Voice for Peace’ public conference in Salvador 5,000 people.
  • In Costa Rica, signed an MOU with President Luis Guillermo Solis to
    work for peace and non-violence in the country.
  • Led a massive music and meditation event in Rio De Janerio attended by over 15000 people.
  • Gave keynote address at Reconciliation Colombia at Cali (Colombia)
    along with speakers like Nobel Peace laureate and Colombian President
    Juan Manuel Santos, Met important stakeholders in the reconciliation
    process such as former Colombian President and the leader of the
    opposition, Alvaro Uribe, director of Colombian agency for
    reintegration Joshua Mittroti and Colombian peace process mediator
    Henry Acosta in his bid to take forward the peace process.
  • Led a mass meditation program outside the Colombian parliament at
    Bolivar Square, where the famous Latin American band Aterciapelodas
    joined in chanting and meditations.

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