Guru and me

Once, I was travelling with Guruji in the hills. We were visiting many temples that day, one after another. It so happened that every time, He would step into His car, I would be around to shut the car door for Him. After a few times, I could not hold myself back and casually mentioned it to Him, “Guruji, I am closing the door every time for you”. With a beautiful smile, he instantly replied, “but I will make sure that all doors remain open for you” and drove off.

After becoming an Art of Living teacher, Guruji told me to start travelling in the rural interiors of Himachal Pradesh. He could feel the hidden fear and hesitation I had that time. Then one day, He sat me down, looked at me and said, “from now on where ever you go on this earth, you will find a home better than yours and a family more loving than yours. That is my promise. You just focus on bringing good to others and you shall be completely taken care of. Just go out there and know so many people are waiting for you”.

He kept His promise. In 10 years of traveling as an AOL teacher, I have met thousands of people from diverse cultures, lives, traditions and values. Each one has added to my extended family. I have received immense love and respect from everyone I met and continue to.

Excerpts from article originally featured on Art of Living Stories

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