“Guru Poornima” – Day of Reflection

Today when I look back and ask myself, what was it that brought me to this path? Was it the circumstances, the happenings – some good and some not so good? Was is it really the doctor who said go learn Sudarshan Kriya?


On deeper enquiry, I become even more sure of the fact that I always knew how in these billions of years of existence and the vast scope of things around me, my life of few years was insignificant. 
I also knew that even in the most fit and super healthy body, I would still just die one day in a state of ignorance, not knowing who I really am.!

I intutitively knew, that my body may fail but there was something inside me that will not. 

I knew that there is definitely something much more than this body we keep fussing about. I knew there is an eternal centre to each of us and once this core is accessed, I will be able to find the real purpose of my existence and be able put this physical form to some right use in service of humanity. I knew that this search wasnt new and that I had forever searched for this.

Fortunate are those who know that they have a higher purpose. Even more fortunate are those who have found a Guru in some life to guide them towards their true purpose, but the most fortunate are those who are walking on this planet at the same time as their beloved Guru with only one purpose of serving His purpose .. Thank you Gurudev for choosing me to walk this life with You.

On this Guru Poornima, I bow down in deepest gratitude to all the saints, rishis, masters and teachers from the past present and future and pray that everyone may connect with the Guru-tattva ( Guru Principle) within and attain real freedom!

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