I am a living miracle.

Way back in 1998, one day my neurosurgeon, Dr. Rupak called my mother to see him. He told her about this breathing technique called Sudarshan kriya. He said he has been reading about it in many magazines and newspapers. Even though not having personally experienced it, somehow he was convinced that this could bring back the smile on my face. He explained to my mother how important it was to get me out of my shell, do some group activities, breath, and meet new people. The sedatives that I was on would only make me more recluse and lifeless.

My mother found out about the Art of Living course in the town. Fortunately it was happening just in a few days, after a gap of about half a year. Sources told us that it was just the 3rd or 4th program in my hometown and that the trainers come from Bangalore only if there were enough people registered. My mother got almost all my friends and cousins booked on the course along with me.

And there I was, after almost a year of sulking, getting shuttled between home and the ICU, so week in body and mind, surrounded with all my relatives, sitting in front of this very divine looking young boy with beautiful long hair and a big compassionate smile. I was already feeling heeled.

The Sudarshan kriya was magical. I cried and I laughed. I laughed and didn’t want to stop. I felt so much at home, alive and happy again. All that my teacher spoke on the course seemed tailor made for me. I was responsible for my own misery. Things don’t necessarily go our way always.  We are healthy and we fall sick. We win and we loose but we move on. No one on this planet is sitting and just thinking about me. How I won, how I lost, how I looked, how I lived. They have their own share of worries. They have all moved on. And I was still shying away from them, who didn’t even exist anymore.  And I knew now, I had to start again, my life full of new hopes, new aspirations, new friends; a life that had no room for the past. So I did.

After a regular practice of Sudarshan kriya for few months, I got the MRI scan done. When I took my report back to my doctor, he jumped off his seat in disbelief. He joined the next Art of Living course along with his wife. I was on medicines for more than a year now. This was my last day. Its been about 12 years , I have not had any medicine ever since.  I took an Advance Meditation program along with my doctor and his wife the same month. We met the most beautiful people on the course. The four words – Sadhana, Seva, Satsang and Smile became my breath, my life and what began as a mere practice for a healthy body and mind, soon became a lifestyle and there was no looking back.

I am a living miracle. When people ask me to tell them stories about H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar, my Master, my Guru, all I can say is “I am a Guru story, I am His miracle”.

Born to affluent parents, I was brought up in an extremely comfortable environment as a soft pampered girl. Even the slightest unexpected change in my surroundings, could throw me off balance.

Today, I am one of most travelled teachers with the Art of Living foundation. I have stayed for months in the villages on very basic amenities. Went to places where I knew not a soul and moved out of there with hundreds bidding me farewell in just few months. Heat, cold, day, night doesn’t seem to deter anything anymore inside me. Every moment I feel something inside of me growing stronger. Not that the situations are always favorable, not that I don’t meet with opposing events and people anymore. But, my reaction or rather response to them has completely changed. I can just SMILE it away.

I am indebted to my doctor for having brought this incredible knowledge into my life. Today, after every Sudarshan kriya on the course, when I see the shinning faces of my participants, soaked in peace and tranquility, I am filled with gratitude for this beautiful life.