Her vision today, she says, is her Guru’s vision.  “I want to spend the rest of my life making others happy and impart good physical and mental health to all.”

She lives and breathes this vision every moment as she teaches the Art of Living courses and trains yoga practitioners to live life to the fullest.

Quoting Audrey Hepburn, “Happy women are the prettiest women,” she adds, “Spirituality is natural to women as we have an inborn desire and ability to appreciate the highest and the most beautiful. Spirituality helps woman to tap her inner power to strengthen, heal, and transform lives around her. Women are the centre of any change process, it is a woman who can bring about a positive change, a ‘heartful’ change in society. ”

She is closely associated with ‘Gift a Smile’, a project that focuses on the care and education of the girl child.  “This program is operational in more than 117 schools in India.  Children below poverty line are provided access to the basic needs of food, clothing and education.  They are encouraged to not only dream but also live their dreams.”

To Kamlesh, the transition from a soft pampered girl ensconced in luxuries into a beacon of knowledge and source of strength to hundreds, is the Grace of her Master.  “I am HIS living miracle” she says.

After becoming an Art of Living teacher, Guruji told me to start traveling in the rural interiors of Himachal Pradesh. He could feel the hidden fear and hesitation I had at that time. Then one day, He sat me down, looked at me and said, “From now on where ever you go on this earth, you will find a home better than yours and a family more loving than yours. That is my promise. You just focus on bringing good to others and you shall be completely taken care of. Just go out there and know so many people are waiting for you”.

In all her years as a traveling teacher she has met thousands of people from diverse cultures, lives, traditions and values with each adding to her extended family. “My Guru has kept his word and ensured that all doors remained open for me wherever I’ve been.”