Taimur – what’s in the name?

I say there’s nothing in the name and it’s also not about religion and stuff. But just thinking…!
If I name my baby say Ravana, it’s my personal choice. But then it goes on to show that I am somewhere fine with Ravana’s deeds, like kidnapping sita. Right?
So if you name your baby Taimur is of course a personal decision and no one has a right to comment but it also goes on to show that you are fine with Taimur’s killing lacs of people for whatever reason.
Probably an Uzbec baby can take pride in this name. Just like if someone names their child hitler in Germany, it might be okay but will anyone in Poland or Russia want to do so? Until unless you are okay with what he did.
If you want to name your baby strong, powerful – IRON there could be words like āhan or ḥadīd Persian and arabic. Just saying! #Taimur #Timur

PS: We may go on saying what’s in the name. But words do carry vibrations. Can’t we see just how much damage the name has already caused. Is this any less an indication? Worst part that the poor baby who has been subjected to this mockery has no say over it. Blessings and love to him. May you grow up and rid the name off the burden it carries.

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